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Live your life without fear or embarrassment of underarm issues getting in the way. Whether you’re in a business setting or out with friends, miraDry® is your solution for sweat-free underarms in as little as one easy treatment.

Newman Plastic Surgery is proud to bring this life-changing procedure to Central Florida.  As a Miradry Certified Practice, we have the experience to offer the highest quality results.

Miradry Orlando can now experience the difference.

Why It’s for You

If you currently use antiperspirants then miraDry ® is for you. Imagine for the rest of your life, being free from the embarrassment, discomfort, and worry of sticky, smelly underarms. Think about all the times you won’t have to worry about whether or not your antiperspirant is going to get you through a tough presentation, or if your shirt will show wet marks when you take off your jacket. When you put your luggage in the overhead bin, will everyone see sweat marks and smell them, too? When you’re out for the day and don’t have time to shower before going out at night, will you feel confident that you’re at your best? Now you won’t have to worry about underarm sweat anymore.

With miraDry® you will feel clean, confident, and carefree – forever!

  • FDA Cleared
  • Non-invasive
  • Toxin-free
  • Quick, in-office treatment
  • In as little as one treatment
  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Immediate results
  • Permanent results

MiraDry® is a Lifestyle Change.

Miradry Orlando deserves an alternative.

Stick, spray, or roll-on. The purpose of antiperspirants  is to help reduces sweating. It is by far one of he most common personal care products we all use. We are all familiar with embarrassing underarm sweat stains and the odor that often goes with it. Many people use antiperspirants that are formulated with a fragrance to help eliminate odors.

“Actually, the sweat isn’t what gives you underarm odor,” says Orlando based Dr. Charles Newman, Jr. “Bacteria metabolize dead skin cells and the salts in the sweat, releasing a foul smell that we recognize as body odor.” For those who do not sweat profusely, many choose to use a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant.

Antiperspirant Versus Deodorant

The fundamental difference between an antiperspirant and deodorant is how these product work, as well as the active ingredients that they utilize. Antiperspirant contains compounds to help reduce the amount of sweat that is produced under the arms. Deodorants, on the other hand, allow for the natural release of sweat, but it combats the smell by using an antiseptic agent that will kill bacteria that causes bad body odor. Antiperspirants tend to be more effective than deodorants as they usually are formulated to block perspiration as well as cover any smells with their agreeable aroma.

How Does Antiperspirant Stop Sweat?

  • Aluminum. Most antiperspirants are formulated with aluminum as this active ingredient helps plug up active sweat glands. The percentage of aluminum chloride essentially helps reduce the amount of sweat that is produced. The effects are temporary, however. Clinical strength antiperspirants contain higher concentrations of this active ingredient.
  • Parabens. Even though this ingredient is typically used to help reduce bacteria formation on cosmetic products, studies have shown that parabens can also halt the process of sweat glands. There has been some concern with parabens in recent years and many patients choose to avoid skin care products that contain parabens. In general, using a product that is approved by the FDA also ensures that consumers stay safe when investing in antiperspirant.

No Chemicals? No Sweat

Products are approved as antiperspirants if they reduce 20% of the sweat produced. Clinical strength means these products reduce 30%. Many patients are apprehensive about chronically exposing themselves to chemicals with such a small clinical effect. This is one of the major reasons miraDry® that permanently can reduce sweating by 80%, has become such popular chemical-free alternatives in controlling sweating.