If You’re Considering a Brow Lift……

A forehead lift (brow lift) is designed to restore a more rested and youthful appearance to the area above the eyes.

A brow lift tightens and lifts forehead skin, removing wrinkles and restoring your youthful appearance.
A traditional brow lift starts with an incision discreetly placed behind the hairline near the top of the head. Forehead skin is tightened, and excess skin and tissue are removed.

The typical incision pattern for a traditional brow (forehead) lift is across the head behind the hairline.
An endoscopic brow lift involves the use of an endoscope. During this technique, several small incisions are made along the hairline, an endoscope is inserted beneath the skin, the forehead skin and underlying muscles are lifted and tightened.

Both types of brow lift are done on an outpatient basis under anesthesia, and either can be combined with a facelift, blepharoplasty, or BOTOX® injections. The procedure takes about one to two hours, and temporary side effects may include swelling, bruising, headaches, or numbness.