Thank you for making an appointment with Newman Plastic Surgery!

Please bring a photo ID (driver’s license) and insurance card to your appointment.  Your copayment will be due at the time of your arrival.

If you have an HMO insurance that requires a referral, it is your responsibility to ensure that we have a referral on file.  You will be financially responsible for any and all charges relating to your appointment if you fail to obtain a valid insurance referral.

Look for an email from our office to begin Patient Portal Registration. Below are instructions to our Patient Portal. Please be sure to complete before your appointment.


  1. The following information is needed to register and must match the information you provided to us when you scheduled your appointment:
    1. Username: (Free Form)
    2. Create Password and Confirm Password
    3. First Name: «Person_First_Name»
    4. Last Name: «Person_Last_Name»,
    5. Date of Birth:
    6. Zip Code:
    7. Your security code is: «Person_Patient_Security_Code»
    8. Select the Terms and Conditions
    9. Click the “Create Account” Button
  2. Once the account is created, you will then be asked to answer 3 security questions to help protect your account.
    1. Hint: your answers can be the same; but the questions cannot be the same.
    2. Click “Continue” Button – this takes you into the MyPatientvisit dashboard.
    3. MyInfo allows you to verify demographics and confirm insurance information.
    4. MyDocuments allows you to enter medical history.
    5. Be sure to finalize and log off from your account.

If you would rather print out our paper forms, fill them out and bring them with you to your appointment, you can do so here:

Newman Plastic Surgery Paper Forms

Forms must be viewed with Adobe Reader.  To download Reader, click here: